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What is Canvas?

Canvas is the University of Denver’s Learning Management System (LMS), providing a secure environment for online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses. Canvas is managed according to the Learning Management System Guidelines.

Tips for first-time Canvas users

For best results using Canvas, make sure your computer meets the basic specifications and use a supported browser.

If you’re just getting started, you may want to update your Canvas profile and customize your notification preferences.


  • Copy content from another Canvas course

You may need to copy content from another course you are listed as a teacher in, or you can build your course content from scratch. If you are copying content from a course that was  taught previously, you can adjust due dates as needed for the upcoming term.

Teaching more than one section?

You can cross-list your sections so all students are together in one Canvas course.

Save time by using our DU Canvas course Templates

We encourage you to apply a our new Canvas course design template that already contains important basic information and structure for your upcoming Canvas courses.

If, after referencing these self-help resources, you would like some individual help, please submit a request for support with Canvas, Zoom Web Conferencing Software, Kaltura Video Management Tool, or general online pedagogy.

Student facing resources

Online Resources for Students

Must-have Canvas content

At the least, instructors should populate the Syllabus in their Canvas courses.

Assignments are another important element in any Canvas course. Any assignments created in the Assignments tool will automatically show up in Grades, Calendar, and Syllabus.

Assignments can be weighted by creating assignment groups.

Even if students will be submitting their assignments in class, adding them in Canvas will create a spot in the gradebook for you to enter grades so students can see them immediately. Or, save some paper and allow students to submit their assignments online!

Don’t forget to publish!

Once you get your course set up, you’ll want to make sure you publish your course so students can access it.

Learn about all the Canvas tools

Don’t stop there! Browse the Canvas Instructor Guide to get familiar with all the tools available in Canvas, and then start using the ones that make sense for your course.

Once you have decided which tools you’ll be using in your course, it’s best to hide the tools you’re not using so students only have access to what they need.

Need some real-time help?

We pay for 24/7 support from Canvas, and their support specialists are real whipper-snappers! This is the go-to when you need Canvas help quickly.

Canvas Support Hotline for Faculty: 1-833-291-3240
Canvas Support Hotline for Students: 1-855-712-9770

Online, real-time Canvas Chat.

If you need assistance with something in Canvas that’s specific to your department, contact your unit’s Canvas Administrator.

For a full Canvas training, log-in to LinkedIn Learning with your DU email address and password. You can then access the Learning Canvas course.



Our Canvas articles in the OTL Knowledge Base include more FAQs, tech support, and information on external tools.

Canvas courses receive updated student and faculty enrollments from our Ellucian®Banner Student Information System every 2 hours from 7am to 11pm daily.

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