Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board for the Office of Teaching and Learning maintains an important role in setting the direction of OTL initiatives and activities by providing regular feedback and advice and acting as a two-way communication conduit for teaching and learning related issues.

Leslie Cramblet Alvarez, Director, Office of Teaching and Learning, Chair, Assistant Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Sabine Lang, Teaching Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Rachael Liberman, Teaching Associate Professor, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies
Roberto Corrada, Mulligan Burleson Chair in Modern Learning and Professor, Sturm College of Law
Bridget Farrell, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Library Instruction and Reference Services, University Libraries
Keith Gehring, Teaching Associate Professor, Korbel School of International Studies
Kim Gorgens, Professor, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Michele Kruse-Crocker, Director of Research, Writing, and Academic Projects, Academic Director of the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program, and Assistant Teaching Professor, University College
Mohammad Matin, Professor, School of Engineering & Computer Science
Paul Michalec, Clinical Professor, Morgridge College of Education
Greg Ungar, Associate Professor, Theatre, College of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences

For questions about the Office of Teaching and Learning Faculty Advisory Board, please contact otl@du.edu.

Courseware Faculty Advisory Board

The Courseware Faculty Advisory Board (CFAB) provides faculty input on policy and issues related to the university’s learning management system (LMS) and other instructional technologies.

CFAB Members

April Chapman-Ludwig, Teaching Assistant Professor, Writing Program
Barbekka Hurtt, Teaching Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Michael Keables, Chair of Geography and Associate Professor, Geography
Rohini Ananthakrishnan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, DU IT

For questions about the CFAB, please contact otl@du.edu

Instructional Technology Advisory Committee

The mission of the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee is to provide the best support possible for instructional technologies at DU by facilitating collaboration among Canvas administrators and advising users on best practices.

ITAC discusses changes to the LMS, evaluates new tools and technologies, and networks with other Canvas administrators across campus.

Teaching and Learning Support Strategic Leadership Team

The Teaching and Learning Support Strategic Leadership Team was formed on March 16, 2020, three days following the U.S. declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, to respond to developing concerns about transitioning to emergency remote teaching.  This team was formalized following a year-long collaboration between IT and OTL with the goal of providing a centralized front for teaching, learning, and technology. Comprised of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Partnerships, the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Application Services, and the Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning, this team meets regularly to consider structural solutions for campus-wide issues at the confluence of technology and teaching support. We are guided by the shared value that while we may be in different units of campus, all faculty will benefit from our careful collaboration.

The early work of this team focused on solving critical, imminent needs including providing adequate technology for faculty, creating programming and internal infrastructure to support faculty, and promoting broad adoption of distance learning technology. This team has collaborated on identifying and addressing gaps in training and communication, leveraging analytics to assess educational technology needs, creating processes for faculty support, and building capacity for more effective educational technology utilization. As the university shifts away from emergency remote teaching, this team is evolving to longer range planning, including considering relevant policy, to facilitate prolonged and sustainable distance education.

Kate Willink, Former Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs
Leslie Cramblet Alvarez, Director, Office of Teaching and Learning
Theresa Liguori Hernandez, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Partnerships – Information Technology
Rohini Ananthakrishnan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Application Services – Information Technology

For questions about the Teaching and Learning Support Strategic Leadership Team, please contact otl@du.edu.