New Faculty Workshop

The University of Denver is committed to supporting our newly hired faculty members make an informed and smooth integration into the faculty ranks. Even if you have taught elsewhere, or have experience here at DU, we want to provide you with the most current information and resources so that you can make a strong start to your full-time teaching career.

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What is the New Faculty Workshop?

The New Faculty Workshop introduces new faculty members to DU and the resources available to them, as well as provides an overview of the latest best practices in higher education pedagogy and educational technology.

The workshop is offered online through a series of interactive online modules, discussion forums, and live webinar sessions. In addition, we offer a number of face-to-face sessions at the beginning of the fall term.

The workshop is available in August and early September and is based on a 2-hour time commitment for each module, totaling approximately 10 hours to complete the minimum requirements. It includes live sessions and weekly asynchronous discussions with target deadlines, but instructors can complete the workshop at their own pace from any location in August and early September.

faculty members celebrating at the new faculty reception

Being welcomed to campus at the OTL New Faculty Reception

How will the New Faculty Workshop benefit me?

If you are in a new full-time teaching role at DU, even if you have taught elsewhere, this workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of the various resources available to help you achieve your full potential as a DU instructor. This workshop is designed so that you spend time on the aspects most relevant to your needs.

Comments from past participants:

“This workshop was excellent for helping new instructors understand the value of learning through a variety of methods. I think we all know this is the case, but the fact that we were required to use these various methods while learning about them really was wonderful.”

“Even though I have over fifteen years of teaching experience. I have been exposed to new teaching perspectives. I like this workshop.”

“I do like the ability to do this at my own pace and work with the design of my class with each module.”

“Thank you so much. It is an awesome workshop. Really. Other schools made us swim on our own.”

Did you know?

The OTL’s New Faculty Workshop won the 2012 POD Innovation Award from the premier college faculty development association in the United States!


Who to contact?

Contact Bridget Arend for more information about the New Faculty Workshop.

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