Teaching Excellence Initiative

Teaching Excellence Initiative

The University of Denver is an institution where faculty members excel in both research and teaching. The University values the art of teaching and is looking at ways to make sure teaching efforts are respected and rewarded.


What is the Teaching Excellence Initiative?

The Teaching Excellence Initiative is a faculty-initiated effort to continually improve and value teaching at DU. This initiative began with the 2005 Teaching Task Force, and continued with the 2011 Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Initiative and the 2012 Renew DU Faculty Development Initiative. Current efforts focus on three areas:

  • articulating teaching expectations
  • providing ongoing formative teaching support
  • creating a fair and balanced means of evaluating and rewarding teaching

In addition, to support another aspect of the Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Initiative, four departments were awarded grants in 2011 through the Office of Teaching and Learning 20K Grant program to develop their own unique methods of improving teaching within their departments. Learn more about the Departmental Excellence in Teaching Initiative.

How will the Teaching Excellence Initiative benefit me?

If you are in any teaching role at DU, you want to be fairly evaluated on your teaching performance, and rewarded for the effort you put into your teaching. Teaching skills are always in development and it is hoped that this initiative will result in a more teaching support for instructors as well as a more balanced means of looking at teaching at DU.

How can I learn more?

Visit the Teaching Excellence at DU portfolio site for more information.

Who to contact?

If you want more information or would like to help with this initiative, contact Bridget Arend.

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