What are some tips when recording webcam videos?

  • Camera angle: The camera should point to the top of your eyes. Avoid the “up the nose” camera angle, that’s very distracting.
  • Audio quality: Find a quiet room with minimal distracting background noise.
  • Lighting: Don’t record in a dark room, it will create a spooky Halloween effect. Don’t record yourself in front of a window, this will create a silhouette effect.
  • Background distractions: Avoid recording in a cluttered room; a busy office space and personal spaces (bedrooms, kitchens) are very distracting.
  • Duration: Keep welcome videos short, 5-7 minutes is the recommended time frame.
  • Show off your personality: One important point to a welcome video is to illustrate your personality in order to reduce the distance feeling between the instructor and students.

What to learn more, view this resource “Best Practices For Webcam Video”:

What are some tips when video recording my computer screen (screencast)?

  • Have your script/outline and slides ready to record. If you don’t have these items ready, your audience will see you scrambling around to find them which is distracting.
  • Recording settings should capture your video in a 16:9 screen ratio because video players are 16:9 ratio.
  • Creating a non-distracting computer screen, a cluttered computer screen is distracting.
  • Edit video and add annotations or graphics.
  • Upload your video to DU VideoManager (http://videomanager.du.edu)

What to learn more, view this resource:

Contact Alex Martinez at the OTL if you have questions or need some help with webcam or screencast recordings.

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