Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities

Are you looking to discuss and reflect on your teaching and connect with other faculty members across campus? Consider joining a Faculty Learning Community.


What is a Faculty Learning Community?

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are informal cross-disciplinary groups, facilitated and run by faculty members, that meet regularly to explore teaching topics in depth. Participants in FLCs learn from each other, investigate and assess teaching methods within a supportive cohort and reflect and become more purposeful about their current practice.

How can a Faculty Learning Community benefit me?

Whether you are a new faculty member looking to learn teaching tips, or an experienced faculty member seeking new insights, FLCs are a fun way to connect with other instructors and gain new perspectives. By meeting regularly (for example, every three weeks), FLCs allow you to dig deep into questions about teaching and learning and become more purposeful about your teaching.

Recent Faculty Learning Communities facilitated by the OTL:

Teaching International Students

This Faculty Learning Community will explore ideas and best practices for teaching in internationally-diverse classrooms and maximizing international student contributions to the curriculum. The FLC is offered in collaboration with the English Language Center, the Writing Center, and the Office of Teaching and Learning.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, contact Bridget Arend

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research Group

This learning community is dedicated to helping faculty members develop and implement SoTL research projects suitable for presentation or publication.  Faculty members do not need an initial research idea to join the group, and modest compensation will be available for those who complete a SoTL project as part of the learning community.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, visit our webpage or contact Bridget Arend

New Advances in College Pedagogy

This group will explore a teaching approach, study, theory or concept every meeting. Participants typically read a short article or watch a short presentation and meet to discuss and explore the practical implications of these new advances in college teaching. Visit the FLC Pedagogy Portfolio site for more details.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, contact Bridget Arend

Hybrid Learning Community

The DU Hybrid Learning Community meets every few weeks to share challenges and lessons learned in teaching hybrid courses, get support in thinking through design and teaching issues, and explore additional topics of interest related to the hybrid approach.

If you are interested in joining this FLC, contact Virginia Pitts

Who to contact?

Contact Bridget Arend if you are interested in facilitating a Faculty Learning Community next year.

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