Teaching Assistant Professor,
Biological Sciences

Dr. Jennifer L. Hellier is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Assistant Director of Pre-Health Advising at the University of Denver. Dr. Hellier earned her master and doctoral degrees in Anatomy and Neurobiology from Colorado State University and completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Southern California in Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Hellier is the lead editor and author of two ABC-CLIO’s encyclopedias, the first is entitled: The Brain, the Nervous System, and Their Diseases (December 2014); and the second is titled: The Five Senses and Beyond: The Encyclopedia of Perception (December 2016).

Describe a change to your general teaching practice as a result of the pandemic that worked well or better than expected.

All of my courses changed from being in-person to solely being online to becoming Hyflex courses. These changes made me rely more on Canvas and create online quizzes, discussion boards, and assignments. Thus, I have learned how to use the SpeedGrader as well as the Rubric options on Canvas. I appreciate the OTL classes that I took to prepare and learn how to use technology to my advantage.

Describe a change to classroom activities or assignments that worked well or better than expected.

Kahoot! games online were a huge hit and worked for Hyflex as well.

What change/s have you made to your teaching practice during the last year that you anticipate continuing beyond the pandemic?

Using Canvas for grading, quizzing and hosting discussions. I will continue to have students watch short videos posted on Canvas and take quizzes using Kaltura.

Dr. Jennifer Hellier, Teaching Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Hellier