As you are preparing to teach your course over again or for the first time, here are some helpful checklist items.

Course Navigation/Accessibility

Readings and instructional materials are uploaded

All assignments have a unique name

Assignments match what is listed in the syllabus

Assignments are organized by assignment type in the Assignments tab

Modules are consistently named

All content (assignments, discussions, pages, etc.) is associated with a module

All discussions (if using) are threaded discussions and have a due date


Learning Outcomes

Outcomes are specific, measurable, and suited to the level of the course



Assignments measure the stated learning outcomes

Specific, descriptive criteria are provided via rubrics or otherwise for evaluation of student work


Active Learning

Course activities support stated learning outcomes

Course activities support active learning (student-instructor, student-student, and student-content)



Select technology promotes active learning & is accessible for all students

Expectations for how students should engage with technology are clearly stated