TechSmith Relay (Lecture Capture)

Attention! TechSmith Relay will be phased out August 2019. We recommend using Kaltura or ZOOM to help you record your computer screen recordings or for synchronous video conferencing.

TechSmith Relay is one of DU’s options for lecture capture. It allows DU faculty, staff and students to create screencasts: video recording of the computer screen, audio voiceover and an optional camera view of the presenter. Once recorded and uploaded, a sharable weblink is automatically produced and available for the video to be viewed online.

Relay Login:

What can you do with TechSmith Relay?

You can use TechSmith Relay to:

  • capture anything on your screen as well as your voice (if you use a computer microphone)
  • create mini-lectures (5-10 minutes) for students to view before class, so class time can be spent on other tasks – discussions, cooperative learning activities, or Q&A sessions
  • allow students to record a presentation for grading
  • provide feedback on student work by recording your comments instead of writing

How can I learn more?

Overview Video

TechSmith Relay – Making Your First Recording