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Canvas is the University of Denver’s Learning Management System. 

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DU CourseMedia™ is a web-based tool for instructors to share course media content (images, audio recordings, and video clips with their students. Several library e-reserve digital media resources are available online via DU CourseMedia’s™ extensive media repository. This tool is integrated into Canvas so that students do not have to login to a separate website to view this material in an instructor’s course.

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TechSmith Relay allows DU faculty, staff and students to create screencasts: video recording of the computer screen, audio voiceover and an optional camera view of the presenter. Once recorded and uploaded, a sharable weblink is automatically produced and available for the video to be viewed online.

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Use for live webinars, virtual classes, on-demand presentations, group collaboration, and multiuser text chat.

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Clicker technology is an effective way to promote interactive, engaged learning through classroom participation.

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DU VideoManager is a web-based video storage and delivery software created specifically for the DU community. More than just simply uploading and viewing video, DU VideoManager allows for both student and instructor comments making for an engaging learning experience.

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DU Portfolio is a web-based application that provides electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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This web-based software helps educators take attendance, administer polls, games and quizzes, and share lecture notes—all by connecting to students’ mobile devices or laptops (think clickers, except bring-your-own-device).

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