Assessment in a Box: Rated G for HLC Accreditation

Assessment in a Box: Rated G for HLC Accreditation

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Dear DU Friends,

We know everybody in our community is experiencing heavy cognitive and emotional loads from COVID-19, racial reckonings, climate change, and politics. If you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed, we invite you to explore how to navigate trauma and practice communities of care. When you are ready, keep calm and read on:

The university is scheduled for a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation visit on October 19-20, 2020. Part of the visit will include virtual meetings so HLC can chat with the DU community and learn how our assurance arguments align with HLC criteria.    

Assessment plays an important role in accreditation. While assessment may seem complex and overwhelming, we have streamlined assessment into a toolkit––assessment in a box, if you will––with three simple steps here:

  • Step 1: Decide if you have bandwidth and interest to engage with HLC. It is not necessary or required for everybody to participate in the HLC visit. If you attend the open faculty meeting on Monday, October 19th (4:10-5:00pm), review these Canvas modules so that you can speak knowledgeably and authentically about DU. The Zoom link to this meeting is available in the final schedule here.
  • Step 2: Watch this 6-minute video (passcode: +t?w56Za) and scan the 2020 Assessment Report (pp. 12-18) for tips to help you address any questions about program assessment.
  • Step 3: View program assessment reports to remind yourself how your unit approached assessment and learn how other units engage in assessment. You can contact the program assessment coordinator of your unit to access more information.

We recognize you are exhausted and doing everything possible to take care of our students and yourself. We are incredibly grateful for your commitment to DU, and we are especially appreciative of your contributions to ensure that our HLC visit is optimal, even in the middle of #allthethings.

If you have any questions or need any help, we’ve got your back! Please contact the Director of Academic Assessment at and the Faculty Scholar of Assessment at for support.