Using a Welcome Clip with Former Students for Online Graduate Classes

Using a Welcome Clip with Former Students for Online Graduate Classes

Written by Erika Trigoso, Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Geography & the Environment

A 2018 One New Thing grant was given to create a welcome clip for the online class GEOG 4020 Geographic Research Methods housed at the Department of Geography and the Environment. This class is part of our Master of Science in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc), and the clip is entitled “Advice from Former Students”. The clip was created in consultation with Academic Technology Specialist Alex Martinez.  We invited students with top grades to participate and used three testimonies. Mr. Martinez met the students virtually and collected responses for the following questions:

  • What recommendations do you have for completing the class modules in the most effective way?
  • What is your most effective studying strategy?
  • What recommendations do you have for developing a strong capstone proposal?

The students submitted a variety of ideas and the testimonies were edited and put together in a final clip that was posted and used in Autumn 2018, Spring 2019, and Autumn 2019. Completing an online graduate degree could be a daunting project for many, and this welcome clip is a great way to hear from peers. The clip participants are working professionals like most of the enrolled students and have successfully completed the class. The advice provided is current, specific, and detailed and the feedback received from current students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Questions? Please contact Erika Trigoso.

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