Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Bridget Arend

Executive Director
Phone: 303-871-7885
Expertise: Course Design, Teaching Strategies, Student Feedback on Teaching, Teaching Consultations.


Terri Johnson

Instructional Designer
Phone: 303-871-7884
Expertise: Course Design, Teaching Strategies, Canvas Support, DU CourseMedia Support, Lecture Capture Support, Clickers Support, and General Educational Technology Support

Kathy Keairns

Director of Web-Based Learning
Phone: 303-871-4156
Expertise: Online Education, Quality Matters, Emerging & Academic Technologies

Joseph Labrecque

Senior Interactive Software Engineer
Phone: 303-871-6566
Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, Software Engineering, Mobile and Desktop, Adobe Creative Cloud, Graphic Design, Audio and Video Recording, Animation, Interactivity, Media Production.

Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave

Associate Director for Inclusive Teaching Practices
Phone: 303-871-4437
Expertise: Inclusive course design and instruction; Workshops and consultations on diversity & inclusive classrooms.

Carrie Lorenz

Senior Educational Java Developer
Phone: 303-871-7719
Expertise: Web Development, DU Portfolio Support and DU Assess-IT Support.

Alex Martinez

Senior Educational Software Developer
Phone: 303-871-4879
Expertise: Web developer, Instructional Video, DU VideoManager, DU CourseMedia, Video Captions, & User Experience Testing

Christina H. Paguyo

Director of Academic Assessment
Phone: 303-871-6012
Expertise: Designing assessment plans, interpreting assessment findings, incorporating assessment in grant writing proposals, reports, and manuscripts

Rich Path

Multimedia Developer
Expertise: Interactive instructional content production; Multimedia development; Video and audio production; Web design and development; Online scenarios and simulations

Virginia Pitts

Director of University Teaching
Phone: 303-871-3291
Expertise: Course Design, Development, and Facilitation; Creating Engaging Learning Environments; Hybrid Course Design and Delivery; Teaching Consultations; Student-Faculty Partnerships

Heather Tobin

Instructional Designer
Phone: 303-871-2951
Expertise: Course Design, Teaching Strategies, Technology Integration, Visual Design Solutions for Learning, Learner Experience Design, ePortfolios, Quality Matters, Canvas Support, and DU Portfolio Support.

Adam Smith

Business Officer
Phone: 303-871-2763
Expertise: Stipends, grant funding and budgeting; coordination of consultations and workshops; problem-solver for anything OTL.

Jill Weddle

Instructional Technology Specialist
Phone: 303-871-7882
Expertise: Canvas, Clickers, TopHat, Zoom, Adobe Connect and general educational technology Support

Jill Weddle
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