DU VideoManager

Attention! DU VideoManager will be phased out August 2019. We recommend using Kaltura or ZOOM to help you record your computer screen recordings.

Website: https://videomanager.du.edu

DU VideoManager is a web-based video storage and delivery software created specifically for the DU community. Although video is easily captured with video cameras, flip cameras, and even cell phones, today encoding, presenting and managing video files can be a daunting task. Providing feedback to students within those videos is beyond the capabilities of most software programs. VideoManager provides a great solution!


What can faculty do with DU VideoManager?

  • upload and publish videos to share with others
  • embed videos into Canvas or DU Portfolio
  • create private groups for student-created videos
  • request video recording services
  • review and provide feedback on recorded student presentations
  • make notes and comments to particular sections within a video

How has it been used?

Video Bookmarking – Dr. David Montano from the Lamont School of Music is using VideoManager in his piano courses. His students use their laptop webcams to record themselves playing a particular piece of music, and David provides feedback about their posture, finger placement, rhythm, and other aspects at various points within the video.

How can I learn more?

Overview Video

[iframe src=”http://videomanager.du.edu/player?id=1211″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]